The Artistic Vibe

It is without any techniques, just a motivation and inspiration coming from my heart,

that I started painting a few years ago.




That burst of creativity really nurtured me and brought me a lot of calm, tranquility and joy.

After attending a mandala workshop, I started drawing mandalas a lot and then naturally it came to me to draw my meditations. When I meditate, I go on beautiful journeys, the journey of my soul, of the universal soul and it feels that everything I receive belongs to all of us, so I wanted to share and retransmit all those beautiful teachings and adventures in drawings and hopefully retransmit the journey, emotions, something ;)!

I also channel energetic upgrades happening on the Universal level as well as Light Codes. I can’t always make sense of what I receive, but I don’t think it’s necessarily the point actually. Art is a proper language and resonates with a vibration that the mind can not always understand but that the Higher Self perceives.

Art needs to be felt more than understood

So here are the drawings I have been doing since then, while connecting to the Greater Consciousness, with a specific series of Celestial Art.

Each drawing has a specific vibration and resonance

If one of them calls you, you can concentrate on the center of the drawing, eyes open, for a few minutes.

With mandalas, they often start moving. Then, you can project yourself in the center of the drawing and see where it takes you. We all receive information with different channels (from our third eye) whether it’s hearing something (clairaudience), seing images, colors, stories (clairvoyance), feeling in the body (clairsentience), or just a sense of knowing, receiving an information (intuition, claircognizance or clear knowledge).

Recently, my drawing inspiration reached another dimension. Inspired by all the work I have done over the past years on the healing of my Sacred Feminine and Masculine energies, I’ve felt the call to dedicate a series of drawing to the beautiful Sacred Feminine in An Ode To The Feminine and An Ode To The Moons.

I feel so blessed and grateful for all the precious gifts I receive and can share now with you…

Enjoy the ride!

Thank you!