Sacred Feminine

The Red Tent

Welcome beautiful Sisters (and Brothers),

Red Tents are an ancestral tradition where Womben and girls used to gather together in the sacred space of the Sisterhood to support each other at a time, when the moon is dark and when, as women cycling with the beautiful Grandmother Moon, we feel more vulnerable, tired and inward.

It’s when our insecurities and old wounds, our shadow self that we often try to hide from others surface….

And the Red Tent is a safe space where Women can gather, speak their truth, be welcomed in their emotions within the warmth of the sisterhood and face their shadow self and heal their deepest wounds in a safe space. New Moon (2 weeks before Full Moon) is also a time where most Women experience their “Moontime” which is a time for introspection, journeying inward and replenish as well as meditate since our psychic abilities are heightened and we tend to receive more insights and inner guidance.

Traditionally in all cultures women would gather every new moon to rest, eat, share stories, activities and support each other to fulfill their potential

Women (who already cycle with the Moon) of all ages are welcomed in a Red Tent to share their experience of Life, Love and Femininity and teach the girls who just started to cycle with the Moon about Women Wisdom and Mysteries and Sacred Femininity.

It is time to gather again Sisters!

Empower each other in a space of loving feminine energy and reconnect with our Higher Priestesses, Goddesses and grow and heal together.

Women have beautiful powers of Love, of Magic, and when we gather together we create this space where Love and Magic can flow and spread all around us.

I have the great chance to facilitate Red Tents and be part of a sisterhood community where I can see this love manifest so beautifully every time we gather together. I have experienced myself huge empowerment in every aspect of my life since I’ve trained and experienced these gatherings. I am so grateful for all my Sisters whom I’m journeying with and for our Ancestors, our Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Friends, Daughters who supported and support today the Rise of the Sacred feminine energies and for providing us with such beautiful traditions and rituals.

Thank you!

And I would like to address a huge THANK YOU to my teacher in Women Wisdom, Tanishka The Moon Woman.

With Love & Light,

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