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Rites Of Passage

“Women everywhere are heeding the call to take action by reclaiming our lost culture of sacred wisdom teachings & customs. This grassroots movement is creating positive widespread global change. So if you feel called… this is your invitation to make a difference!”


You want to celebrate a life transition with the support of the sisterhood? Then why don’t you enjoy a Rite of Passage Ceremony supported by the loving Sisters and Women in your life?

The Rites of Passage are powerful rituals & ceremonies that help transition gracefully through the important phases of Life, understand and heal the past experiences and embrace fully the next phase life is offering with the support of the Womanhood and Sisterhood.

There are 4 main Rites of Passage for Women in Life that can be experienced energetically (not becoming a mother in the physical world but still experience the Mother energy) or physically (manifested in the physical life). Some of these Rites of Passage also correspond to Blood Rites from ancient traditions.

  • The Maiden – Connected to the Blood Rite of Menarche
  • The Mother – Connected to the Blood Rite of Birth
  • The Mage –  Connected to the Blood Rite of Peri-Moonpause
  • The Crone

It is such a blessing and a gift as well as transformation experience to be “invited” to or attend such intimate and sacred ceremonies.


Welcoming into womanhood beautiful young women who just started cycling with the Moon. Each of the Maiden come with their mothers and are introduced to the Women Mysteries, taught about the Moon and the Mooncylce, accompanied and cherished by their Mothers as they are stepping into womanhood, honoring the blood rite of Menarche. A beautiful, intimate and emotional ceremony!


A magical Mother Shower to honor the Blood rite of Birth, where the future Mother is cherished and celebrated by the Women and Sisters of her life.


A joyful ceremony, celebrating the maturity of the Mage and the new freedom, to embrace this new phase in her life.


A wonderful ceremony celebrating the wisdom of the Crone Woman.

Ideally a maximum of 10 women per ceremony in order to maintain an intimate atmosphere and a beautiful sacred space for all the activities. We are all co-creators to celebrate the Queen of the ceremonies. These ceremonies are life changing and very transformative experiences.

As I trained, I witnessed not only the transformation within each woman going through her rite of passage but also, within her Sisters, and Mothers and Women attending the ceremonies and within myself as a witness.

Magic happens everytime Women gather together in sacredness!

I want to thank my gorgeous and inspiring teacher Tanishka the Moon Woman for her beauty and generosity in her teachings.

Thank you!

I am sharing hereunder the testimonial I gave while training on the Rites of Passage with Tanishka The Moon Woman in Byron Bay. Like I say in the video, I can only recommend to all Women to walk their sacred path and reconnect with this ancient sacred knowledge whether it is through a training or attending these kinds of ceremonies.

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