Energy Shifts & New Consciousness

We are experiencing a lot of energy shifts at the moment and the best we can do to go through them is surrendering to just being.

I also got frustrated with this « just be who you are » advice, raising these questions of identity (ego) and resistance within myself. How can I be, I don’t know who I am anymore, and where I go, and what to do and blablabla!!!!! We are shifting from an ego oriented dimension to a heart oriented dimension (call it energy, vibration, consciousness…) so all that’s coming up is coming OUT! Yay!!!

And all the ups and downs and confusion are just a deep cleansing for our soul to regain the 1st position within ourself!! Again Yay!!!!

And to do this shift, it’s important to let go of the « action » that’s more ego based (especially when action is driven by fears) and guides us to « do » and instead reach a state of «being» that’s more heart based and guides us to just BE.

I watched a video from Jason J Gallant where he said « don’t do what makes you happy. Be happy and then do » which I found super inspiring.

It’s really about receiving and tuning in with my essence, what makes me vibrate through my feminine energy in just being and then, act accordingly with my Divine masculine energy, implementing and materializing that essence and vibration, the Divine plan on Earth.

BEING is not a matter of identity. It can be summarized by just BREATH…

In this simple breath, I AM… ❤️


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