There are great passages in a lifetime and as an Energy Intuitive I am able,

to help go & grow through these transitions.



It took me a while to open up and offer & share all the learnings I have received over the past years in energy healing, therapy and women wisdom around the world and mostly on my own healing journey.

I am so grateful for having done this over the years so I can today feel ready to help and accompany anyone who needs help « passing» through their life transitions.

That’s what my energy and that of many other beings have been doing for years already…

Raise our own personal vibration

& help The Earth and Humanity transition energetically to a higher vibration 

I will do my best at posting positive and nurturing information and help raise the sacred vibe of our hearts and souls on Earth, on various platforms:

  • My blog about themes that are very dear to my heart
    • My healing journey
    • Sacred Feminine & Masculine
    • Sacred sites on Earth
    • Universal energies


  • Online “Self Healing Programs”, to accompany you on your healing journey in times of transition or confusion or just for self development and deeper healing work. To help you find the tools and resources within yourself to take your power back and own your healing journey – To come in August 2020


  • Online Sacred Feminine Programs – To come in August 2020



It is available for you!

With Love,